The Mega Rig (110 MH/S)

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110 MH / S for high power mining …

Equipped with 4 RX580 graphics cards, the mega rig is our medium range machine allowing a good input and delivers close to 110 MH / S.


Quality Manufacturing

It is in the south of France that our rigs are manufactured with care. Using noble and solid materials such as wood and aluminum, we manufacture hand-made, rigid, effective and aesthetic rigs.

In addition, the aluminum structure and the spacing between components are precisely studied to have the best possible cooling of your equipment.


Optimized graphics cards  …

With its experience in mining, TheMiningShop optimizes all graphics cards to deliver the maximum of their potential. By overclocking and bios flash processes, we allow you to have the best performance while consuming a minimum of electricity.


A turnkey solution

The rig comes with all pre-installed mining software as well as a guide to begin mining easily. The motherboard is also optimized to support the mining load and allows an automatic restart in the event of a break.


Betting on the future

Mining is one of the most profitable ways to enter the world of cryptos-currencies. This mining rig will allow you to permanently harvest your cryptos-currencies and take advantage of the market’s leverage to earn money.





110 MH/S

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